By Watchdog reporter

Were some police officers complicit in Prof Lawrence Mukiibi’s sexual offences especially against his students? The shock and controversy of Prof Mukiibi’s sex life still rages on, and more people are still coming out with testimonies of how the educationist helped break his students’ future when he decided to prey on them.

Prof Mukiibi, a respected educationist in life but shamed in death, has been accused from various corners of molesting his students, many before they reached 18 years, the age of consent in Uganda. Even after making 18 years, it is unethical for a teacher, for that matter the principal, to sleep with his students.

Some of the children Mukiibi had sex with, conceived in the process, while many were lucky not to conceive but there are questions with regard to their health status.

Mukiibi, the proprietor of glamorous secondary schools and a university, is thought to have fathered over 100 children , despite the number being contested by his family.

Some of the children, sad, were sired with his students, some under 18.

A young woman who  allegedly complained about sexual assault and rape by the professor says police frustrated her until she gave up the case.

The young woman whose name will remain anonymous on this website was 17 and studying at St. Lawrence Horizon Campus when Mukiibi pounced on her like a rabid dog. She CLAIMS TO have reported the case to Nsangi police station, which police post near is the school, but the police officers there referred her to Katwe police station in Makindye Division and about 15km away from the school.

The young woman says even after going to Katwe, her case was messed up, and instead, it was turned against a fellow student who the school administrators alleged was flirting with the complainant.

The young woman narrated to Bukedde newspaper that police told her she didn’t have evidence to pin the professor and instead, she could have been compromised by the enemies of professor and school to speak ill of them.

Katwe police however say the case of the student filed from St. Lawrence Horizon Campus was against a fellow student not against the school principal.

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