A conversation between Zari Hassan and Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto has been leaked online.

Zari calls out the Tanzanian socialite for sleeping with her husband Diamond Platnumz and being a home wrecker.

The conversation dates back to November 2016, exactly nine months before Hamisa gave birth to Diamond Platnumz alleged son Hamisa Mobetto gave birth to her second born in August 2017 exactly nine months after she was rumored to have slept with Diamond.

The socialite named her son after the singer who has denied the allegations over and over again.

Conversation between Zari and Hamisa Mobetto were leaked in which she hurls all sorts of insults to the Tanzanian socialite.

Recently, through a phone interview with Bukedde TV, Zari revealed that she has all the conclusive evidence that her husband never slept with Mobeto as she claims adding that the salome video vixen is just a social claimer who wanted endorsements from big companies for her new born baby through using Diamond’s name.

She went ahead to claim that  she knows the real father of Mobeto’s child and he facilitates the model in everything regardless of being a married man.