By Najibu Mulema

Words have been moving around alleging that Vision Group refused to fulfill its promise of securing a ticket to Gabon for Uganda Cranes die hard supporter, Jackson Sewanyana commonly known as Uncle Money.

On Monday, Uncle Money reached an extent of organizing a press Conference exposing Vision Group’s CEO, Robert Kabushenga on how he promised him ‘air’ citing that he was so sad and blue that he was not going to support the Cranes as he had earlier anticipated.

However information reaching us indicates that, the soccer lover adamantly refused to pick his ticket from the Vision Group Headquarters simply because he was expecting sold cash.

It is alleged that Vision Group is trying to reach Uncle Money so that he can pick his ticket before its too late but he has refused to respond.

Social media user, a one Clef Gen’ral Muganwa, said,” the ticket did not delay. I have credible info that he has refused to pick the ticket………..he wants money. He is going around bad mouthing the company that gave him a ticket, because he thought they would give him cash instead. HE IS A LIAR…. and it is no wonder Airtel seems to have had issues with him,”.