By Watchdog reporter

It seems this is the right time for outgoing Deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma’s ‘haters’ to first put a stop to their celebrations since the old man has proved he is going nowhere despite clocking the 70 year old retirement age.

The controversial judge is supposed to retire by the end of September since he has already clocked 70 years which is the retirement age for Court of Appeal and Supreme Court Judges.

However, according to a letter written by Justice Minister Kahinda Otafiire to the Judicial Service Commission, the minister requests to retain Kavuma on a contract at the Supreme Court for an unspecified period.

Daily Monitor states that Otafiire confirmed he authored the letter giving Justice Kavuma a lease of life as a judicial officer at the Supreme Court.

Meanwhile, the minister does not specify why his ministry is vouching for the judge whose tenure was marked by rulings criticized by civil society and the opposition as leaning towards protecting the interests of the ruling National Resistance Movement party and in deviance with the basic tenets of natural justice.