By Namugerwa Martha  

Matibabu a Ugandan start-up which is basically a non-invasive diagnostic kit for malaria has emerged the overall winner of the ASME Innovation Showcase (ISHOW) Program that was taking place in Kenya.

ASME released the top 10 finalists for its ISHOW Kenya competition which Matibabu, a non-invasive device used to test for malaria was among. The good news is that the winner has been the Ugandan start-up Matibabu.

Matibabu has been announced as the winner of the competition winning the top prize of $10,000 which is equivalent to shs 36 million beating other participants in Kenya.

Moris Atwine a founder Think IT and a team member of Matibabu said that they are really excited about their milestone as a team and it’s at a time we’re they were going to do clinical trials which they were still resourcing for funds that they seem to have achieved.

The ASME Innovation (ISHOW) is a global competition for hardware-led ventures. They focus on the design & engineering journey of taking physical products to market. They care about “social innovation,” that is, solving social and environmental issues through enterprise. They believe a focus on users and customers ensures sustainable and scalable solutions. This is a global network of engineers, makers, dreamers, designers, investors and entrepreneurs.

The winners become part of the ISHOW alumni network, a global community of hardware innovators with exclusive access to experts and resources.