By Kiyimba Bruno

Civil societies under the umbrella of Civil Society Budget Advocacy Group CSBAG have released the findings that they got after consulting the citizens of Uganda about what best ways would they want the budget to be allocated.

This was released by the CSBAG Executive Director Julius Mukunda in a press briefing that took place at the CSBAG offices in Ntinda.

Mukunda said that the constitution of Uganda asserts among others that “The state shall take all necessary steps to involve the people in the formulation and implementation of development plans and programmes which affect them”.

He added that they managed to move to all the district of Uganda and consulted them on how best government should spend their money.

In their findings, Mukunda said that 28.8% of the Ugandans wanted increased investment in the health sector as compared to the 12.07% that Government has planned for the next Financial Year.

26.4% of the population want  increased investment  in education compared to the planned 17.94% of the next Financial Year.

15.5% of the Ugandans are interested in roads and energy as compared to the Governments planned 53.6% be spent on roads and energy for the next Financial Year.

On this note Mukunda called upon Government to re-assess its expenditure priorities and ensure  that they  serve interests of the citizens to improve their quality of life and lift millions of Ugandans out of poverty.