By Watchdog reporter
Hundreds of Ugandans have vented out their anger on US Kampala embassy after a Ugandan born man fell victim to the trigger happy white police officers in US.
US Mission in Kampala posted on its Facebook page expressing their condolences to the family of the late Alfred Olango.
“We are aware of reports that on September 29, Alfred Olango was shot and killed during an incident with law enforcement officers in El Cajon, California. We extend our deepest condolences to Mr. Olango’s family and friends.” Stated the message on the page.
Olango,30, was killed by police after his sister called the cops to offer her assistance after he expressed mental sickness.
However Ugandans are not happy with Americans who they accuse of intending to kill Blacks.

Below are some of the comments:

Henry Chemba You continue killing us

Wilfred Mukonyezi I’m trying to compare Uganda police and USA police but the results are completely showing that .. A black man meeting a police man in USA makes him 99% not safe and an American man meeting Uganda’s police officer, makes him 100%+++ safe. Hello muzungu hi . well I need to write a book about this, the so called world police.
Kafeero Frank i was preparing to go work and i had that information but i felt much pain! no matter blacks only die! but why? the time will come and white Americans to pay for the incredible surprises you cause! after all we all have red blood and no skin is death proof, wait and see! it won’t be me, but the hatred, pain, wars that you spread, and your plans to cease Blacks!

Peter Lutayisire Is not the first black person to be killed….united states is becoming worse with abusing human rights more with blacks…..The world should stand one to demostrate ovee this issue..United Nations is not concerned in any case just as it was happening in palastine and the same to syria…UNITED STATES……US EMBASSY KAMPALA

Amri Malcom 14bullets. Police are professionals who knows well the human body and where to put a bullet and a person cools down, that’s when you can come closer after you have suspected him to be athreat. Ford Ogwang I think you have seen the maths it’s not all about who dies but in what circumstances do that person dies.

Shafic Mubiru Plse don’t say that your sorry of what you did, this is your intention to demolish all black race to your country but just know one thing, it is like your trying to dry the ocean with the spoon. Blacks we are born to stay no matter what.

Faida Ismail Until when will USA stop being selfish!! you come to Africa we protect you as a kings with mambas at your gate in the kitchen but when we are in your country you don’t want us gate out of our homes what is wrong with you? Let God work on you

Salim Ndirimbo Usuf Wat u people should know is that people die in whatever way so we wouldn’t blame America as if they haven’t come out to apologise. How many foreigners die of stupid things in Uganda and no one comes out to apologize on behalf of the Ugandan government. He died en thats done

Engole Stephen we treat Americans in Ugandan as kings And Queens but American treatz Ugandan/black people as dogsa! The worst is coming if Trump win! USA is the worst place for a black aman now!!!! Stop killing black peole or you stay in your USA!!!
Andrew Lutkot Some time we have to be specific in resolving issues ,bse putting blames in one basket can’t help ,weigh the do and dos ,we are human being and born with diff characters ,so that’s why crime rate is very high even here in our own c’try .

Barbara Akech That’s not enough. We have suffered enough in your hands guys.Is it bse you are superpowers? See how we respect you in our Country. You are very free to move and do anything you want.

Kalawa Asinah what can Africans do but White’s remember we are all child of God and he has blessed ug days why u desire our country not if we also behave like day how do u feel
Nuwagaba Amuza lets stand as one bcz we are all one irespective of color race,different views we all remain lets have respect for @other and live as one peace will prevail, lord bless uganda,

Katrenah Maisha shame on the US police, for deliberatly killing the melanins… is it a hunting game now to kill our brothers or legal shooting to kil

Oleke Pasquale The woman only sent condolences. She neither regretted nor apologised! Read the statement well. It points to something bigger.

Tony Koech The US is no longer a free world its becoming something else, we just hope its redeems it image as it continues acting as a “world prefect” as its depletes world resources

Kiyimba Joseph No! To me I don’t think that Americans do that deliberately mistreat Africans. May his soul rest in internal peace.

Eza Simon Why only blacks we shall also start with whites so dat it will sound ok

Mosz Mwesigwa your blue cops need to be retrained, people are losing lives simply because a cop panicked

Dennis Tumushabe Why they hand guns to clumsy phychos and call them cops, I don’t know. Please train the police!

Barbara Akech Are killing our brothers and sisters because of our colour or our poverty level, Be aware we are pissed off.

Shuga Evans Naamala I am just speechless… But know one day u will pay for this… #Black_lives_matter

Robinson Arop US should not be preaching about good governance n democracy in other countries because they human rights n life of black does not matter to them. I wish the post is from white house in DC and it will be , they are deeply concern. Not this post from US embassy here to pretend due to public uproar.