By Kiyimba Bruno

 The chairman for the Uganda Parliament budget committee also Member of Parliament Ntenjeru North constituency Hon Amos Lugolobi has urged Ugandans to work hard towards reducing the fiscal debt that the country is facing.

Speaking this, Lugolobi was giving his remarks a sensitization workshop that took place at Kololo air strip during the day one of the tax payer’s week

Lugolobi said that due to the fact that the country is heavily indebted, citizens are more likely to be the victims in terms of paying the debt.

“Government has borrowed to put in roads and other infrastructure but still these have low returns” Said Lugolobi

He added that the government was committed towards maintaining a fiscal deficit of 3% something that has failed.

“Currently instead of maintaining the fiscal deficit of 3%, we are now at 6% which is higher than our target.” Added Lugolobi

The chairman went ahead to explain that the GDP performance of the country is 14% as compared to the other countries which are at 20% something which indicates a low level in terms of performance.

On the same function, Mariam Nagadya from the IGG’s office said that they are doing all they can in order to reduce the corruption levels in the country.

Nagadya added that they have managed to trace Shs5.2bn, prevented loss of Shs2.2bn and recovered Shs2.2bn.

She however urged all Ugandans to be tough on all the culprits of corruption since the government does not allow the act.

The tax payer’s week was put in place in order to provide tax literacy to the citizens as well as providing services that are hard to get.

Started today the 26th of September 2018, the tax payers week is expected to be active at Kololo grounds for a full week to enable tax payers get all the desired services.