By Kiyimba Bruno

The ambassador of the Russian Federation in Uganda H.E Alexander Polyakov has announced a free educational program that shall enable Ugandans to study from Russia under the aid of the Russian government.

This was announced today in a press briefing that took place at the head office of the ministry of water and environment in Luzira.

The announcement came after the two countries Uganda and Russia signing a Memorandum of Understanding that shall enable Ugandans get safe water.

The ambassador said that this is a good time for the government of Uganda to send names of interested Ugandans who want to be educated more about water on a higher level.

“The Ugandan government is now free to send its people to St Petersburg to study freely about water and sanitation” Said the ambassador.

On the same function, the minister for water and environment Sam Cheptoris said that he hopes that this cooperation between the two countries will promote innovative technical and process solutions in the field of water supply, waste disposal and environment protection and sustainability.

The minister added that the MOU paves way for formalizing the working relationship with Vodokanal and the city of St Petersburg as well as singling out specific areas of assistance and collaboration.

“It is therefore an important vehicle through which we can realize the priorities of Uganda’s vision 2040, the water policy and national environment management development goals” said Cheptoris.