By Watchdog reporter

Kenyans have been left defeated and helpless after staging a social media war with Ugandans who have proved to them that they are not a joking subject when it comes to engaging and conquering cold battles.

To bring you up to speed, since Thursday till now , Kenyans and Ugandans in the closed Kenyan Facebook group “Kilimani Mums and Dads Uncensored (Original)” have been involved in an extremely abusive, demeaning, somehow hilarious and somewhat unfortunate battle of words.

The  battle of words started when a Ugandan ‘slay queen’ abused a Kenyan lady on matters sex. What started as an attack from an individual has since degenerated into a Social Media war of two ‘friendly nations’. Several Kenyans in the group (90% Kenyans) never took this issue lightly as they quickly stood up to defend one of their own against external aggression, little did they know that Ugandans are a hard nut to crack.

“Kenyans are well known in fighting such wars but this time round we beat them at their own game. Recently they dismantled Nigerians, Ghanaians and S.Africans on twitter. What we did was not to attack them on twitter coz they are good in that, we attacked them on Facebook and trust me we won them….. They have surrendered just like the way Huddah surrendered to Morris,” A Ugandan social media user posted.

Apparently, Kenyans have resorted to blocking Ugandan ‘war generals’ from the group after suffering a defeat.

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