By Watchdog reporter

A section of Ugandans have punched holes in the reputation of renowned city lawyer David Mpanga following his controversial role in the Bank of Uganda vs Crane Bank court case.

Apparently, social media users have picked on the lawyer, taking him on over being blinded by money and greed.

It should be noted that Mpanga recently said to have not received the defence file from Sudhir Ruparelia’s lawyers giving it as an excuse for delaying to file defence for Bank of Uganda.

Mpanga through his AF Mpanga Advocates claimed he wasn’t served with papers, as one of the delay tactics, but it turned out his colleagues MMAKS Advocates had acknowledged being served with papers, including those of AF Mpanga. Realising they were off the track, it was reported that Mpanga had filed the BoU defence in the $8 million Sudhir wanted BoU to pay him back after the central bank breached their agreement.

BoU even before this case started has been reported to have paid millions of shillings to MMAKS and AF Mpanga Advocates. The public questioned the payment which was said was done in a rush as at that time no one knew the direction the case would take, and thereby the central bank did not know what they were paying for.

Mpanga’s name has been at the heart of Crane Bank controversy starting from the time the lawyer was captured on video having an exchange with New Vision boss Robert Kabushenga at Club Silk ahead of the expose by the New Vision which sought to dent the image of the former Crane Bank owner in the eyes of the public.

Mpanga who was once Sudhir’s lawyer turned nemesis, has since been on the receiving end of criticism, including people questioning his loyalty and professionalism.

Some Ugandans have taken it on social media to vent their anger and frustration. On a story run on Daily Monitor newspaper website, commentators questioned the motive of the respected lawyer and why he was stooping so low in this particular case.

A one Moses Senjala K said, “All my life I have respected Mpanga but now not sure if the guy deserves any respect”

Harrison Nicholson Jin lamented, “I can see the signatures and dates being forged, what went wrong?

Another KB KB posted, “ What went wrong??? Mpanga ….really? what went wrong????