By Watchdog reporter

If you watched an interview between President Yoweri Museveni and Aljazeera obviously you accepted the fact that the president killed it.

He exhibited an exceptional confidence and the way he responded to the already ‘frozen’ interviewer was extremely out of the jokers’ league.

When the interview ended, Ugandans on social media could not hide their praise towards President Museveni for being a bright and wise man who broke the internet, in fact he ‘won’ over Aljazeera which wanted to embarrass him.

As any serious president who has served in that caliber for 31 years, Museveni made his homework very well; there’s no moment during the interview that he blundered.

His interview brought out a saying clearly which states that ‘The hunter became the hunted’ what was only left for Aljazeera was to ask for forgiveness from Museveni, simply because he had already brought ‘Musevenism’ phobia to the interviewer.

One Facebooker by names of Jan Ajwang stated that, “I enjoyed watching the president on Aljazeera. Every PR persons deserves a client who is comfortable in his skin, is bold,resilient and knows how to play some cool diplomatic dodge ball(even when what he is saying can be contested). So my next suggestion is for the president’s team to have more interaction with the first lady’s team…something like an exchange programme or perhaps the president should have a chat with his bestie,”

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