By Kiyimba Bruno

The Managing Director for Uganda Coffee Development Authority Dr Emmanuel Iyamulemye has expressed concern over the current status of coffee and its growers in the country.

Speaking this, Iyamulemye was addressing delegates in a one day coffee workshop that took place on Wednesday at Serena hotel in Kampala.

“Ugandans need to be sensitized on the best ways of preserving their own coffee. We don’t actually know how to handle the product that we have in the best recommended ways” Said Dr. Iyamulemye.

He added that on average, Uganda produces 2kg of coffee per tree, something which is too small as compared to the coffee growing countries.

According to him, he believes that if more people are taught on the best means of preserving the quality of coffee that they have the target of moving from 4 to 20 million bags of coffee annually shall be achieved.

 He also explained that there is urgent need of knowing which coffee suits which part of the country or a specific type of soil.

“If we know which coffee suits which part of the country, then we shall plant without questioning ourselves whether the seeds will grow or not.” noted Iyamulemye.

On this note, he urged all Ugandans to plant as much coffee as they can since the market is growing at a very first rate.

The function was closed by the woman member of Parliament Abim District Hon Janet Grace Akech Okorimoe who said that government intends to improve value in order to increase coffee production.