By Watchdog reporter

For a long time, a rumour went round that Kenyans were more hardworking than Ugandans. However, a new World Bank report says otherwise.
Maybe, attitudes of Ugandans and Kenyans have changed over the years.
The World Bank report cited by regional newspaper The East African condemns Kenyan workers as less productive than their counterparts in Uganda and Ethiopia.

The report, dubbed ‘Kenya – Jobs for Youth,’ says that Kenyan youths have been hard hit by unemployment and suffer from rampant skills mismatch.
It goes ahead to say that the average output of Kenya’s workers stood at $3,400 in 2014 compared to $3,800 for Uganda and Ethiopia’s $5,000.

Kenya’s lower gross domestic product (GDP) per person employed — the country’s GDP divided by the number of people in employment — has been blamed for slowing economic growth.
“Set in international comparison, GDP per employed person is lower in Kenya than in many African peers and has been increasing at a slower rate than in other countries, both poorer (Ethiopia) and richer countries (Ghana, Burkina Faso and Cambodia),” says the report released last week according to the respected East African newspaper.

“Productivity growth is held back by limited growth in formal wage jobs,” added the World Bank, signalling that the employee output in the informal sector is lower than those on formal jobs.