By Najibu Mulema

Ugandans living in Manchester,United Kingdom have come up with a fundraising campaign to raise treatment fund for Archbishop Emeritus Mpalanyi Nkoyoyo who is currently in London battling with cancer of the throat.

Archbishop Nkoyoyo needs over shs 300 million to undergo a special operation but his family is unable to raise such kind of money.

According to fundraising committee , there’s a wider arrangement speareaded by family which has so far generated £ 22,695.75 so far out of £ 60,000 leaving a balance of £37,304.25.

” The committee suggested that we answer this urgent call with ome voice as a community and pay imto one account below from which we can deliver the money in lump sum to the family,” statement partly reads.

Any amount of contribution should be deposited to Barclays Bank under the name ‘OKUSINZA E MANCHESTER’, sort code 20-55-41 on account number 83762386.

Early this year, Archbishop Nkoyoyo was flown to England to receive further treatment after a deteriorating health.