By Allen Kisakye

Lulu Jemimah, a Ugandan woman who got married to herself is smiling all the way to the bank.

After this week’s debacle at QuePas Bar in Kisementi, the 32-year-old Oxford University student seems to have gained more than just worldwide fame. We are reliably informed that Lulu has now raised all her tuition for the last year at the famed university.

Lulu said that joining Oxford University In the first place was hard because of financial constraints but now it has become harder.

With struggles of looking for tuition, she also had had enough with her family who couldn’t stop asking when she’s getting married and have children.

She decided to get her parents off her back by getting married and committed to herself, so that she can still pursue her Oxford dreams of being a Creative Writer.

However, she claimed that tuition needed for her to complete this course was exhobitantly high yet she was not ready to let the dream slide through.

“I must apply for visas every six months and with each chance I risk getting turned down on grounds of financial inability. I have one more year to go and I must come up with the remaining tuition and college fees of 10,194 pounds,” she posts. This is approximately Shs50 million.

Currently Lulu has raised about 4,767 Pounds (Shs23 million) through her ‘Gofundme’ complain in just 11 days as many people have been moved with her Oxford ambitions.

That’s what we call strategy