By Namugerwa Martha

A trending video of a Ugandan woman going by the name Faridah Nassozi has become viral. In the video posted her facebook page, the London based Ugandan blasts her friends accusing them of wickedness, envy, hatred and hypocrisy.

Nassozi accuses her friends; Susan Namubiru from West Green road and Barbra Sebuliba from the North London of disrespecting her and spreading gossips about her relationship with her boyfriend Joseph Lubega, a boxer but reportedly deported from London back to Uganda.

“I don’t normally talk or quarrel via social media but I am up to it, stop being childish and disrespectful towards me yet I have helped you before and provided shelter and food for you,” said Nassozi who apologized for doubling eating and quarrelling as she shot the video. The video was shot in Faridah’s living room enjoying a dish of matooke, rice and beans with a glass of juice.

Nassozi’s post has attracted lots of attention in London,Ugandan and other parts of the world and it has  garnered more than 700 comments, 524 shares and 650,000 views in only 16 hours after on Kakensa Media page, not forgetting her own page.

People all over the world have commented on the post especially people from Diaspora admitting that many of them have helped many Ugandans but been repaid with hatred and envy while abroad.

“Many of us here abroad, don’t help fellow Ugandans because of their bad habits and wickedness,” one commented.

” Woba oyagala emirembe nga ori abroad,tosembera Muna uganda wali coz we Ugandans Turina empiisa envundu efutwa nobutagaliza I don’t know why!she spoke her mind out and she seems to be with a clear heart mwe ba Susan mwedeko,” Trex Bella Lee commented.


”  I feel the pain of her too nze nyambye banji naye bansasula bukyayi wabula I pray Mukama anzijeemu omutima gwekisa kuba mpulila nkooye embwa zokukyeeyo ezitasiima someone comes to u nga talina wakusula wade ekyokwambala naye bcoz u speak the same language u welcome her after time nafuuka kyebawalula…kale tebayambika, ”  princess Beltah Precious also commented.

Bannie Chiguita from Irvine California also commented “London yafuuka sitting room ya Uganda… buli kiiyi. Zino ntalo, lino ddalu, bwenzi, bukopi, buyaye, nga neddogo kwotadde. Naye, Uganda ekoze erinya mu London. Ki kyo?! I like this lady for not putting on… she is as natural as she can be, not pretentious or trying to be what she is not, but crazy people forcing her to act and speak wrong. Users and abusers usually mistreat this kind.”