By Najibu Mulema

Ugandan spiderman syndrome has reached the far east. And of course many Ugandans are dying home and away in suicide attempts.

Several Ugandans too have lost their lives in the diaspora under unclear circumstances. And the latest one being the death of Namakula Sharon Habailah.

The 22 years old died yesterday morning after falling from a high rise building in Rat Burana district Bangkok in Thailand.

Police were told by Namakula’s friend, Ashley Daniels, a 30 year old Briton.

While they were resting at Danniels rented room at around 2am, Namakula received a phone call and had an argument with the caller. Suddenly she went up and jumped from the window to her death.

Security guards at the Condominium said Danniels informed them of the incident at 4am.

Source: kakensa media