Ugandan woman dies iN Dubai

By Najibu Mulema

Shock imbedded Dubai International Airport last night  as a Ugandan woman collapsed and died at the airport premises.

A 23 year old woman identified as Zaina Nagani has been working as a maid in Saudi Arabia.By the time of her collapse she was in transit to Uganda and she died  on arrival at Dubai hospital where her body remains in the morgue.

Officials presented her passport number B1256893 showing she was born in Namataba Kayunga district and an October 7,2016 medical discharge form which showed she suffered from ovarian cancer.

“We are aware of the deceased and the government is tracing the Ugandan labour export] company that sent her

to Saudi Arabia. This is to enable] repatriation of the body,” Ambassador Charles Ssentongo, the chief of

protocol in Foreign Affairs ministry in Kampala, said in a statement.