Buganda Kingdom under the stewardship of Katikkiro Joseph Mulwanyamuli Ssemwogerere decided to turn Masaka Technical Institute (known as Teeko in Masaka) into a university.

Kabaka Ronald Mutebi appropriately named it after his great grandfather Edward Muteesa I. Ssekabaka Muteesa I was a visionary who invited missionaries to teach his people how to read and write. Muteesa I also knew that fighting guys with a maxim gun was futile but then we digress.

Muteesa I Royal University (MRU), therefore, established its main campus at the hilly suburb of Kirumba in Masaka town. It established a Kampala campus in Kakyeeka-Mengo.

However the university has been facing several challenges including shut down over students strike.

It is understood that students across universities have been striking over issues ranging from tuition increment to lecturers dodging class, but, Muteesa I university should stand above mismanagement since it should be a beaming light for the education sector in Uganda by virtue of the person it was named after.

Now students have been sent home after a strike attempt last month. The Mengo administration should come up with mechanism to redeem the image and credibility of the university.