A Ugandan student enrolled to a Canadian University has scooped a national excellency award for exemplary leadership.

AliceMary Nakiwala was on 2nd May announced recipient of a bronze ‘CiCan Student Excellence Award’, which showcases the extraordinary contribution of an individual to their college/institute communities and highlight the role of institutions in social, cultural and economic development.

Nakiwala surprised Uganda last year [2016] when reports confirmed that she had been elected first Guild president of Niagara College in Canada by the institution’s student body.

“Receiving a national award is not only humbling but also puts me in a position to appreciate myself and the hard work I have done while on NCSAC as president. I have accomplished far more than I ever thought I would possibly do.” Nakiwala told reporters in Ottawa. “It was my absolute privilege and honour to serve the students of Niagara College as the NCSAC president for the 2016-2017 academic year. This award was the perfect way to finish off my long four-year college life.”

All over social media, Nakiwala has since been credited for being an award-winning student, a valuable member of the College’s student life team, an eager contributor to campus life, and for her leadership with the NCSAC.

This award by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan), a national, voluntary membership organization representing publicly supported colleges, institutes, cegeps and polytechnics in Canada and internationally is issued when the nominated candidate has been reviewed and approved by an independent selection committee with representation from across CICan member institutions.

About AliceMary Nakiwala

Born in Uganda, Nakiwala moved to Canada in 2013 to attend the College’s Graphic Design program, from which she graduated in June 2016. As the College’s 2016-17 SAC president, she was the first to be elected by the student body, rather than voted in by the SAC board of directors. Prior to being president, she served as executive vice president on the Welland Campus Board of Directors.

She is the official graphics designer of Pacesetters initiative for Africa, a Christian charity organisation in Uganda committed to point the generation to Christ through several programs and outreaches.