By Watchdog reporter

Who ever thought, a Ugandan, with Baganda descendants like Dr Golooba Mutebi, would one day choose to be Rwandan?

Being Rwandan in Uganda, some years ago, was derogatory. And many Rwandese immigrants were absorbed by Ugandans societies, erasing their Rwandan roots, because they did not want to be associated with Rwanda.

After 1994, the reconstruction of Rwanda, and the pride the upward trajectory the country has taken, has given the country a sense of pride.

On the contrary, Uganda is becoming a laughing stock in the region with neighbours such as Kenya, Tanzania and Rwanda making big strides in development, while Uganda becomes indeed a banana republic day by day.
Dr Golooba Mutebi was a reputed researcher at Makerere University a couple of years ago. He moved to Kigali as a consultant and the man has settled in.

It is yet unclear why Dr Mutebi would choose to officially become a Rwandan when as an East African, he can work very well in the country.

Daily Monitor website on Monday broke the story of the academic being one of the nine people who took up Rwandan citizenship – the others are Burundian and Congolese nationals. Ugandan and Rwandan law do not require one to renounce their previous citizenship, so Dr Golooba can have duo citizenship.

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