By Najibu Mulema
There’s a saying that if plan A’ fails resort to plan B’. But there are some musicians who have adamantly persisted to stick to plan A’ however fruitless it may be.
For years we have seen musicians come, see them rising and also see those who are in the bad books of God fall completely.
After a fall, some insist on making comebacks which become successful comebacks while others completely refuse to make a way through.
Here are some of the musicians who have failed to make a successful comeback;


Young Mulo
Young Mulo rose into fame with his single debut Yenze, some music lovers loved the way he used to flow in his lyrics, he made various collabos with several artists including Navio. Unfortunately after getting some recognition in the field, Young Mulo started to fight with fellow artists till his downfall. He has tried to make several comebacks but all in vain even just recently he outed his new collabo with King Saha but you may think it was never released.


Grace Nakimera
The beautiful musician came into spotlight
With a collaboration with a one Gatimo dubbed as ani akumanyi. From that moment, the Nakimera outted various superhits including ayi ayi, kiva kuki , nkwagala kuffa but all of the sudden things turned black on her side, and eversince then she has tried to comeout with various songs but all in vain


The handsome lad has tried all things possible to come back on the scene but God has given him a deaf ear. In the late 2000 Tonix was one of the talented musicisns known at that moment in Uganda but we dont really know what happened to him.


Myco Ross
One time this gentleman was know as Uganda’s Raymond Usher because of singing and dancing skills. He was very much loved by ladies because of his love songs. However, thingd started changing upside down for him and he has tried many things to make a successful comeback but all in vain.


Henry Tigan
Tigan while still under promoter Suddi’s management was a hard nut to crack in the music industry, he was considered as one of the talented young musicians in the early the late 2000s but after separatiin with his boss thing for him have never been the same, he has tried to make several advances in the industry but things have refused.


Diamond Oscar
When he was still in the by then Gudlyf music group, Diamond Oscar was very much known for his good music more notebly for his song dubbed terminator which stayed on airplays for almost a year. After resenting the group , it was the begining of Oscar’s downfall, the man has tried everyhing possible but his prayers have not been answered yet and now he has joined Jeff Kiwa’s Team no sleep to persue his dream of comingback.


Rabadaba (Faiswal Sseguya)
If there are any Ugandan musicians who once gave people a reason to listen to dance hall music and love it, Raba Daba stands out as on of them. His fame started fading shortly after he was convicted for stabbing a goodlife member identified as Tedious Buyego (R.I.P) who passed on after a few years. It was later on discovered that the singer had announced his retirement from the music industry. This came shortly after releasing his recent club banger called Love Potion featuring Don Mc that turned out to be one of his greatest compositions though it’s reign in the airwaves was short-lived.