By Watchdog reporter

Minister of Internal Affairs Jeje Odong today at parliament laid a preliminary statement on the spate of women murders.

He told members of parliament that the modus operendi of the the assailants included strangulation and mutilation of victims.

The murders were attributed to domestic violence, witchcraft, alcohol, prostitution, primitive selfishnes and moral decadence.He added that the police had apprehended a number of suspects, some who belonged to the illuminati cult and had 999 tattooed to their bodies.

Members were not impressed with the statement calling it shallow and not comprehensive.

Some dismissed witchcraft claims saying potential victims of ritual sacrifice are of pure nature and yet some of these women had children. Hon Komuhangi and LOP Winnie Kizza urged government to look at it from a rebel angle because of the characteristics of the killings which targeted only women and many within the vicinity of the Statehouse.

Jeje told the house he will present a substantive report once investigations are concluded.