By Watchdog reporter
Following the police raid at Club Venom in Kampala that saw over 40 sexual workers dragged to cells over the “Gay pride day” beauty contest, Members of LGBT society in Uganda under their umbrella Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) have come out to pressurize Police and Ethics minister Fr Simon Lukodo to apologize for what is thought to be unlawful brutal arrest and violation of human rights.
While addressing media at Fairway hotel in Kampala on Wednesday, homosexuals lawyer Nicholas Opio of Uganda Chapter explained that Lukodo should be charged for hate speech and disrespect for human rights.
He further noted that Uganda Police together with Minister Lukodo should apologize to the public following what he called “De-humanizing” events that preceded the LGBTI pride event at Club Venom that saw many transgender people man-handled.
Opio dismissed statements that no one was hurt during the police operation saying that a transgender person who attempted to escape chaos fell off the building and s/he is still in critical condition.
Nanyange Joaninie, the executive officer, human rights awareness and promotion forum explained that Police should stop disrupting LGBTI events because it is a human right for any group of people to converge.
She also added that Uganda government should respect international laws and cautioned the Police officers who were involved in this act.
“Nobody wants to rape Lokodo because LGBTI are peace loving people and they do not have non-consensual sex.”
In recent comments by ethics minister while addressing press at Uganda Media Center Lokodo said, “The government of Uganda will not condone promotion of any forms of LGBTI lifestyle.”
On Thursday 4 August, a group of LGBT members assembled at Venom Pub, Kabalagala, for a meeting without police clearance. Uganda Police was subsequently alerted and the assembly was disbanded and the participants cautioned. No one was hurt or injured during the exercise,” says Lokodo.