By John C Ssentongo

A Ugandan film maker has been attacked by residents that suspected he was promoting homosexual acts in their area. It is against Ugandan laws to promote gay activities in the country.

However, Matovu Isaac, a Ugandan film producer has been shooting documentaries exposing poor health care for people in the LGBT fraternity. Matovu is a well known activist among the LGBT community in Uganda for documenting their plight.

While filming his latest project, he was attacked in Busega, a suburb on the outskirts of Kampala city, where he was shooting a new documentary on families that have come to with their gay relatives.

When an angry mob attacked Matovu’s crew, his equipment was destroyed and went after the escaping producer who was rescued by police.

The following day, the same mob attacked the home of Matovu, burnt down and his young daughter was injured in the process of running out of the collapsing house.

The case has since been filed at the police although no one has been arrested.

It is against the Ugandan law to broadcast or publish acts that border to homosexuality.

Matovu however says gay people live in the underground which makes vulnerable and unable to fight for their rights as citizens. Ethics minister Fr Simon Lokodo has vowed to send anyone to jail for engaging or promoting homosexuality in Uganda.