By John C Ssentongo

August month has been a month of mounting pressure on the Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura. Opposition politicians, lawyers and activists accuse the IGP of unleashing terror on Ugandans. They dragged him to court to force him to appear together with commanders of the men who beat up Dr Kizza Besigye’s supporters.

Kayihura didn’t appear in court. And he has fought off the summons first by defiance, and later, legally.

At the weekend, rumour had it that Kayihura had been reshuffled and sent to New York. The story was spoof. However, word that Brig Leo Kyanda and former information minister Jim Muhwezi could be Kayihura’s replacement left some people with goose pimples.

If it is true the President was contemplating one of the men at the helm of the police, no wonder, the militant lawyers have finally agreed that the Director of Public Prosecutions takes over the case of the IGP and the police officers.

If opposition cried foul under Kayihura, how would life under Kyanda or Muhwezi be like?

This is not to insinuate anything, but, to challenge the reader to ask themselves that question.