By Namugerwa Martha

Ugandan woman innovator Philippa Ngaju Makobore is set to win the African Innovation Foundation (AIF)’s top prize of the innovation prize for Africa which will be awarded in Accra Ghana on the 18th July 2017.

The AIF on Thursday announced the top 10 nominees who are contending for the award from nine African countries including Uganda, Kenya, DRC, Egypt, Liberia, morocco, Nigeria Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Makobore who invented a medical device called the Electronically Controlled Gravity Feed infusion set (ECGF) which she designed to accurately administer intravenous (IV) fluids and drugs by controlling the rate of fluids flow basing on feedback from a drop sensor.

The erroneous delivery rates can result into serious adverse effects, which the ECGF solves and it easily operate and also has key safety features.

The ECGF has the potential to save lives by providing accuracy and safety. It can save up to 8% the cost of a brand new infusion pump which saves over 105 of children admitted to East African hospitals which need immediate infusion therapy.

Makobore graduated from the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada with a BSc in Electrical Engineering in 2008.  She briefly worked at a South African telecommunications company, MTN from 2009 to 2010 as an intern telecommunications engineer and thereafter sales engineer before venturing into electronics applications design and development at UIRI in early 2011. Her team comprises of electrical and computer engineers that design and develop electronic applications for Healthcare, Agriculture and Energy.

Additionally, Walter Fust the chairman of board of AIF said that they are pleased that most of their nominees are women which is going grow the role African women play to their countries.

“By providing platforms to recognize innovation excellence in Africa and mobilizing for African innovators, we continue to live up to our credo of engaging, inspiring and transforming,” Fust said.

He added that this year’s innovators have demonstrated incredible proficiency through innovative solutions addressing challenges in agriculture value chain, healthcare, energy communications, service industries as well as surveillance.

“The inspiring stories of these nominees remind us that innovation and African led solutions are indeed the answer to Africa’s growth and prosperity,” Fust added.