The FUFA Drum, a new tournament organized by the Federation carries the theme “celebrating Ancestry” with games spread across the entire country and in the long run promoting tourism and creating awareness about Uganda.
It is along those lines that Uganda Tourism Board(UTB) has partnered with FUFA as the tournament continues to grow in stature just in its maiden edition.
Uganda Tourism Board has on Friday committed 75 million shillings towards the tournament. While unveiling the package at FUFA House, UTB Deputy CEO, John Ssempebwa stated that as a board,they have been impressed with the objectives of the tournament and seen it’s impact on the people in the games played so far.
Uganda is a very beautiful Country, we have good visiting sites, everything good in Africa is found in Uganda. The question is do Ugandans know their country? So as Uganda Tourism Board, we believe the FUFA DRUM is an avenue for us to promote tourism with several people moving from one region to another. We saw how people from Acholi land moved to Kigezi to support their team, people from Karamoja made the trip to Ankole and this impressed us. We have therefore decided to commit 75 million shillings towards the tournament as a pilot project.” said Ssempeebwa.
Ssempeebwa asserted that with such movements, people will get to know the different tourist sites, creatures and this will in the end promote tourism.
When people move from one place to another, there is an opportunity to go and find the unknown, visit the tourist attractions we have, so this will in the long run promote tourism
The 75 million shillings will cater for five games in the month of June including the penultimate group matches  due this weekend.
The Selected games that Uganda Tourism Board will cover include;
Kigezi Vs Buganda
Lango Vs Kigezi
Bukedi Vs Rwenzori
Bunyoro Vs Kampala
Ankole Vs West Nile.
FUFA President, Eng. Moses Magogo indicated that it is a privilege that the corporate world is seeing value in The FUFA Drum.
”It is a moment of excitement where we demonstrate that the game of football is not about goals only but can be a tool to promote tourism and boost the economy. When we set out a strategy to become the number one team in Africa, we got an idea to traverse Uganda to take the game to all parts of the country with an agenda of celebrating Ancestry.” He said before adding, “As FUFA we are happy about this partnership with Uganda Tourism Board and we believe this will in the end boost our economy.”