By Namugerwa Martha

More than 50 Ugandan government agencies will be showcasing work funded by the World Bank Group and explaining how it is improving the lives of citizens throughout the country.

Representatives of the Government of Uganda agencies will showcase their work during an open day general public, discussion while the public sharing its views about the projects.

The Open Day for the general public to interact with World Bank Group officials will be held under a theme “partnering for development” at Kololo independence grounds (airstrip) on 30th may 2017 starting from 8am.

The country manager of World Bank in Uganda Christina Malmberg Calvo said that more than 50 Ugandan government agencies will be showcasing their work and explaining how it is improving the lives of citizens throughout the country, also Representatives of the Government of Uganda and officials from the World Bank Group will be available all day to interact with the public, share information, and exchange views.

“The open day will be an opportunity to learn more about our work in the country and discuss how our support can have a positive impact on the lives of Ugandans,” Malmberg said.

Malmberg added that through the World Bank group’s new Country Partnership Framework, they are supporting Uganda to raise rural incomes through agricultural commercialization and support to poor and vulnerable Ugandans.

“The World Bank Group promotes inclusive growth in urban areas, private sector competitiveness and investments in planning and infrastructure. With other partners, it supports the Government of Uganda to improve health and education, economic governance, and fiscal management,” Malmberg added.

Additionally, Minister of finance, planning and economic development Hon. Matia Kasaija said that the government of Uganda has had a long standing partnership with the World Bank Group for more than 50 years.

“For more than 50 years, together we have brought development to millions of Ugandans. As a result, social and infrastructure services have improved and poverty has come down and will continue to do so,” Kasaija said.

An exciting array of activities will also run throughout that day, including presentations and panel discussions on topical development issues, quizzes and competitions, photo exhibitions, tutorials, and lots of other performances illustrating the World Bank’s partnership.

Background: The World Bank Group’s portfolio in Uganda is worth close to US$3 billion in credits, grants, and guarantees covering national and regional operations. About half of this supports infrastructure development—energy, roads, urban infrastructure, and ICT—and the rest agriculture, water and sanitation, education and health, social protection, private sector development, and trade. The portfolio is financed from International Development Association (IDA) credits and grants. Uganda’s current IDA credits attract only an administrative service charge of 0.75 percent on the amount disbursed, with repayments stretched over 38 years and a 6-year grace period.