The East African Science & Technology Commission (EASTECO) will hold the East African Regional workshop on Knowledge and Technology Transfer to support innovation and economic development, on the 19th June 2017 in Entebbe, Uganda.

The Workshop will gather Partner States governments’ representatives, knowledge creators, manufacturing and business sector, and the civil society to come together in strengthening the linkages and exchange between universities and research institutions in the region as knowledge creators and technology developers, and industries as users and solution providers to market needs.

The EAC Partner States will review and validate the draft report on assessment of existing knowledge and technology transfer institutions in EAC Partner States and identification of potential regional Centres of Excellence (in Knowledge and Technology Transfer).

The workshop will review draft Regional Guidelines on Intellectual Property Rights: from current status in EAC Partner States, the Guidelines will support use of IPR in enhancing innovation as the driving force for the economic development of the region.

This regional workshop will be a platform and opportunity for constructive dialogue, networking and partnerships between stakeholders in the STI Community, Governments, business sector, as well as an interface for dissemination/diffusion of R&D findings and technological innovation.