By Watchdog reporter

It is now clear beyond measure that all people who have planning to apply for passports to travel for greener pastures must wait a bit longer as the Ministry of Internal Affairs runs out of ordinary passports.

According to communication from the ministry, only officials on government business or patients seeking treatment abroad and other individuals in emergency situations can obtain passports.

The ministry said the shortage was caused by many factors including the need to upgrade the quality of passports.

“The Ministry of Internal Affairs regrets to inform the general public that the stock of Ordinary Passports is running low and this may cause some delay in getting your passport issued or renewed,” Ministry said in a statement.

According to the spokesperson of the Directorate of Immigration and Citizenship, Jacob Siminyu, the directorate is addressing the matter and projected that the shortage will be resolved within the next one month.

“The stock the directorate currently has is “enough to cater for all the emergency cases for the next one month,” said Simunyu.

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