By Watchdog reporter

AMISOM Police Chief of Staff Rex Dundun has urged the newly deployed Uganda police peacekeepers in Somalia to be disciplined and carry out their responsibilities while on duty.

He said this while officiating the closing ceremony were peacekeepers concluding their induction into the AU Mission in Somalia, following an eight-day orientation workshop, held in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu.

“I want to emphasize that while we carry out these responsibilities, discipline should be our watch-word. Let us not forget self-discipline. Let us not forget the discipline that has been imbibed in us through various training programs right from home,” said Dundun.

“We are trained to be law enforcement agents and we are trained to abide by rules and regulations. In AMISOM we have rules and regulations. Let us uphold the rules and regulations,” he added.

Dundun further commended Uganda for having one of the best police training programs and urged the officers to abide by the Mission’s ideals.

Meanwhile, the police officers from the Formed Police Unit arrived in Somalia early August and will be holding joint operations with their Somali counterparts, as part of a mentorship programme, aimed at enhancing the skills the Somali police officers.