By Watchdog reporter  

A Ugandan maid who went missing with a two year-old child from Nairobi was on Monday has been arrested at the Busia border.

Jessica Nabwire was arrested after she had crossed the Busia border into Uganda after a stranger tipped off the Ugandan police.

Uganda police handed over to the suspect to their Kenyan counterpart. She is being detained at the Busia police station on the Kenyan side.

Baby Kaity Amanda was handed over to her paternal uncle Maurice Ochieng as they await the baby’s parents to arrive in Busia from Nairobi.

Mr Ochieng, said, “I was in Nayemba following a lead when police contacted me at around 2pm”.

Nabwire, a Ugandan maid told the police that she had taken off with Baby Amanda to punish her employer for not paying her three months’ salary.

The toddler’s mother, Fiona Akinyi, says Nabwire had only worked for two weeks and did not have a mobile phone.