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The parliament of Uganda has refused to conduct business until the letter Speaker Kadaga Rebecca wrote to President Museveni has been responded to, and the report by members of parliament sent to review the conditions of MPs who were arrested in Arua and detained for two weeks, was tabled before parliament.

A parliament session chaired by deputy speaker Jacob Oulanya had to suspend the sitting for two days pending the two reports submission.

The matter kicked off with Kira municipality MP Ssemujju Nganda standing on a matter of procedure to argue that there is no way can continue with business as if nothing has happened to certain MPs like and Francis Zaake who were beaten by security officials in Arua a couple of weeks ago.

Mr Nganda said that can wait for two days until reports are tabled.

“We can not proceed if MPs are not comfortable,” he said, arguing the issue of the security of MPs has to be addressed with great urgency to enable and strengthen the autonomy of Parliament.

Nganda was supported by Leader of Opposition Aol Betty, Hon Henry Kabalya,and others. Aol argued that the House can not continue with business as usual.

“We need the perpetrators of this violence to be brought to book. We do not want to walk out of the house but we need to hear from the leader of government business.” While Kabalya Henry said that “we need it to be known that there is an attack on the house. It is very easy to arrest an MP who is accused of breaking the law but very difficult to arrest an officer who has arrested and tortured an MP. We can not continue with business.”

Public Accounts committee chairman Nandala Mafabi said that the history of Uganda is what makes the MPs raise these matters.

Nandala: “The violence against members of has happened previously and nothing has been done yet. If this matter is not addressed immediately it will continue.”