By Allen Kisakye

By now, everyone in Uganda knows that celebrity couple Kanye and Kardashian West are in the country. The rapper and his wife arrived in the country last week and have hogged all sorts of news space. On Monday, they were even given new names – Kanyesigye and Kemigisha – by President Museveni during a visit to State House.

Well, some people are not as excited about the visit of the American couple Kim and Kanye West, including famed rapper GNL Zamba isn’t happy at all

You all remember GNL Zamba, right? He of the Sesetula, Kikankane, Soda Jinjale, Luka fame under then Baboon Forest Entertainment? That one. He is not happy at all that Kimye are in Uganda.

In twitter post on Tuesday, Mr Zamba trashes Kanye’s visit, saying; “Ye is recording a tourism advert and getting paid your taxes, or he was advised by you know who to go to a “sh!t hole” country and hide there until his bad publicity in the US blows over.”

Before coming to Uganda, Ye visited the White House and met with President Trump.

According to Zamba, Kanye is a rapper not a Hip-hop artiste and that he is not a genius, he is selfish, self-serving, and a self-centered human being, and that ‘Uganda needs water not Yeezy.’

However, Kanye fans are roasting him about his tweet saying that if he loved his country why did he leave it for greener pastures in America with his family

And others are saying that Zamba is just jealous because of the attention that was given to Kim and Kanye’s visit.