The ranking for the 2016 best and worst place to live for expatriates is out and Uganda is listed as the most favoured country in Africa.

The country was listed as the 25th best in the world followed by Kenya at position 46 worldwide. The results of the survey were published on Expat Insider.

The ranking scores rank countries on different aspects including family life, learning of the local language and ease of settling in that specific country.

Tanzania, Egypt and Nigeria were among the bottom 10 countries Nigeria being ranked as the last on the quality of life according to the survey.

Nigeria also came in third to last in 2015, and in 2014 it was fifth to last. This year it holds last place for the Quality of Life and the Cost of Living Indices. Compared to 2015, it does slightly better in the Ease of Settling In Index this year (from 42nd to 39th place), but much worse in the Personal Finance Index (from 10th to 32nd). This according to Expat Insider