By Watchdog reporter

Apparently the second annual Uganda international Cultural Tourism fair is the talk of town.

The highly anticipated event will take place next weekend from 28th to 30th July 2017 at Uganda Museum.


The Purpose of the fair is to avail, create an avenue/platform for the diverse African cultural heritages and endowments for exhibition of their potential to attract worthwhile cultural tourism benefits in terms of income earnings, exposure, and knowledge to improve on existing potential for maximum utilization.

It will attract at least 300 exhibitors of Africa’s most interesting cultural products like artifacts, memorabilia, cuisines, fashion, music, dance and drama, empowering them to showcase their culture, as well as exhibitors from other parts of the world.

A number of local foods shall be showcased during the festival and among them will be eshabwe.

In Ankole a combination of Eshabwe, Karo, roasted g.nuts, beans, green vegetables and roasted meat is taken as an important meal.

Eshabwe is made out butter which is a product of milk. Karo is millet bread made out of millet flour mixed with cassava flour.

The combination of all these makes a very delicious meal especially in Ankole in the western region of Uganda.

I’ll be there to take a bit of this delicacy.