By our reporter
The preparations are in high gear, with only a week away, the Uganda International Fair organizers  have assured revelers great experiences and adventure through the life style of the Ugandan Communities both local and international.

During the fair, Uganda food festival will give Ugandans an opportunity to adventure through the food cultures of Uganda like the luwombo , bbo, shabwe to international cuisines from Kenya, Ethiopia, Turkey, China , India among others.

As if food is not enough adventure, the city will witness a diversity of performances from Uganda including kadodi, runyege, entogoro, rakaraka among others mixed with international performances from the Indians not forgetting the martial arts from the Chinese .

The evenings will be filled with sounds of ancient poetry, Story telling and comedy all around the ancient Bon fire (Ekyooto ) all connecting people to the great memories while munching the plantain, g-nuts, corn with communal drinking of all beverages from ancient times.

It’s in these three days in a year when all Ugandan community get to celebrate who they are and celebrate their differences over food, drinks, same dance floor etc .

All this is happening from the 21st -23rd of September at Uganda Museum for only ugx 5000-adults and ugx 2000 -children.