By Kiyimba Bruno

It was such a cold moment when the Uganda National team for cricket flagged itself off to go and represent Uganda in the team tour to Tanzania as they get set for the world cup qualifiers

This function was done in the absence of the nation’s sports governing board the National Council of Sports (NCS) whose offices were found closed, claiming that today was Uganda’s Liberation day.

It should be noted that all national teams as they depart for Nations duty, the team captain is officially handed with the flag which signifies a blessing and authority to represent Uganda, something that missed this time round.

The team is to set off on the 27th of January 2018 to go to Dar Es Alam and shall return on the 1st of February 2018.

The team captain Kevin Awino said that inspite of the fact that NCS was not there to bless them, they are ready to win all the games in Tanzania.

“The team of 14 in too bold and confident that the tournament shall give us a good race as we prepare for world cup.” Noted Awino,

She went ahead to say that with the two coaches, three officials and team manager,they will manage to come home with victory.

The team is as follows;

  1. Kevin Awino (captain) from Jinja ss
  2. Janet Mbabazi (vice captain) from Wanderes cricket club
  3. Mary Nalule from Tornado bee cricket club
  4. Ritah Musamali from Jinja ss
  5. Irene Alumo from Aziz Damani
  6. Franklin Najjumba from KICC
  7. Saidat Kemigisa from Tornado bee
  8. Consy Aweko from Wanderes
  9. Stephanie Nampiima of Jinja ss
  10. Eveline Anyipo form Wanderes
  11. Immaculate Nakisuyi from Aziz Damani
  12. Ntono Racheal from Olila
  13. Claire Mushakamba of Jinja ss
  14. Easter Tluko from Olila.

The team officials include Francis Otieno as the head coach,Grace Mutyagaba as the Assistant coach,Lydia Bakumpe the team manager,Mary Nanderenga Makumbi as the head of deligation.