By our reporter

Uganda’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Dr. Yahya Rashid Ssemuddu is being accused of beating his wife to pulp for allegedly denying him sex.

Media reports say Dr. Ssemuddu beat Rukaya Abdul Rahma last Friday after the couple had a heated argument where the ambassador accused Rahma of infidelity citing it as the main reason she always denies him sex.

Rahma who was admitted to Nsambya Hospital after the thorough beatings, says Dr. Ssemuddu has made it a habit to beat her whenever they have arguments as a couple.

To make matters worse, Rahma says Ssemuddu beats her in front of their six children.

“My husband Dr. Ssemuddu, a respectable man in the society has made it a habit to mistreat me, now am being hospitalized because of him,” she noted.

She also disclosed that one time she wanted to kill herself due to Ssemuddu’s mistreatment and its only God’s will that she is still alive up to date.

Rahma further revealed that she respects her marriage so much and that she is not a cheat as her husband claims.

Dr. Ssemuddu and Rahma have been married for the past 23 years.

Meanwhile, the case was reported to Kajjansi Police Station by Rahma’s relatives and its now under file SD 32/13/04/2018.

Photo credit: Bukedde online