By  Stephen Kalema

Uganda Communication Commission (UCC) has issued an ultimatum period of two months and 14 days towards every television station that has no sign language interpreter and subtitles during significant national programmes and newscasts.

In the document released this week, UCC said that the minimum standards provided under section 31 and schedule 4 of Uganda Communication Act 2013, requires all broadcasters to ensure that all programmes that are broadcast complies with the existing laws, which laws respect people with disabilities.
UCC says in exercise of the mandate to set standards, monitor and compliance relating to content provided under section 5(x) of Uganda Communication Act2013, the commission has repeatedly reminded all broadcasters to comply the requirements.
This confirmed that with effect from 1 January next year the law shall be in practice.
“The Commission hereby notifies all television broadcasters that effective January 1, 2019, the Commission shall not renew the license of operations to any television broadcaster who has not fully complied with the statutory requirements provided under the Persons With Disabilities Act 2006,” reads the document.
The Person with Disabilities Act 2006 section 21(2). (a)  provides that any person who owns a television station shall provide sign language or insert subtitles in at least one of the major newscast programs each day and in all special programs of national significance.
This law was passed by the Parliament through Article 35 of the Constitution of Uganda which recognizes the rights of persons with disabilities.