By Namugerwa Martha

Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) executive director Eng. Godfrey Mutabazi’s directive of switching off un registered SIM cards as left the police department disturbed due to switching off police lines last week on Friday which disrupted the security and peace monitoring of the department in the country.

Mutabazi ordered the switching of unregistered lines last month which was postponed 19th may in order to carry out the exercise.

Police officers who wanted to remain unknown said that they were stopped from registering the police lines with their national IDs saying that the lines will be registered by their boss IGP Gen. Kale Kayihura.

“We received a directive from our seniors not to register police lines with our IDs that they will be registered,” police officers said.

They added that however to their disappointment the lines where disconnected on Friday.

They further added that switching off the police lines risks many people’s lives since they can’t contact them for help or emergency.