By Watchdog reporter

Uganda Communications Commission has decided to lift a notice of suspension of NBS TV license following an apology from the station.

Last month, the media regulatory body issued the notice in question to NBS on grounds that it had breached the minimum broadcasting standards after hosting senior Presidential Advisor on Media issues Tamale Mirundi who almost punched the moderator on ‘One on One with Tamale Mirundi’ show.

The commission further stated that Mirundi’s mode of language was appalling to the viewers.

During the said show, Mirundi ‘attacked’ the host Muyanga Lutaaya on live television following repeated questions on Buganda Kingdom campaign, ‘Kyapa Mu Ngalo’ which intends to streamline land ownership and management in the kingdom.

“The Commission has taken note of NBS Television’s written apology and measures that the management has instituted to prevent recurrence of similar or other breach of minimum requirements,” statement partly reads.

NBS filed the apology letter on May 15, four days after the notice of suspension.

“After reviewing and evaluating NBS Television’s representations, UCC has in accordance with Section 41(2)(a) of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 resolved not to proceed with suspension of NBS broadcasting license,” UCC Executive Director Geoffrey Mutabazi noted.

However, Mutabazi told NBS to treat the commission’s action as a last warning and ensure that it broadcasts content, programs and shows that are professionally produced and presented in line with minimum broadcasting standards enshrined in section 31 of the Uganda Communication Act 2013.

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