By Watchdog reporter

One of the most viewed television stations in the country, NBS TV is on a verge of being shut down by Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) over senior presidential Advisor on media issues Tamale Mirundi’s misconduct.

Today UCC has issued NBS a notice of suspension of television broadcasting license with problem arising from one of its shows dubbed “NBS extra: One on One with Tamale Mirundi which was aired on the station on Tuesday 9 May 2017 at 9am which saw the political analyst almost punching moderator Simon Muyanga Lutaaya.

According to UCC Executive Director Godfrey Mutabazi, the commission is appalled, concerned and takes strong exception to the conduct and language used by the guest hosted (Tamale Mirundi)during the said NBS extra program.

“NBS shall recall that on 30th November 2015, 5th October 2016, 10th October 2016 and 14th March 2017 the commission cautioned and fined NBS for similar breaches of minimum broadcasting standards,” Mutabazi noted.

“A review of the content of the subject broadcast by the commission reveals that the actions and words used by Tamale Mirundi during the above mentioned program were contrary to public morality and aimed at promoting a culture of violence or ethnical prejudice which is directly contrary to the minimum broadcasting standards as spelt out in section 31 and schedule 4 of the Act,” He added.

In light with the repeated breach and in accordance with section 41of Uganda Communications Act 2013, the commission has decided to issue a written notice of 60 days for suspension of television broadcasting license.

“Please be advised that should the commission not receive any representations to this notice of suspension of license within  this period , the commission shall proceed to suspend the television Broadcasting license of NBS Television without further notice,” Mutabazi advised.

He further warned the station to desist from broadcasting any programs that are in breach of minimum broadcasting standards as enshrined in the Act.

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