By Namugerwa Martha

Uganda Communications commission (UCC) has been taken to court over unlawful shutdown of social media platforms and mobile financial services during the general Elections in February and May 2016. The shutdown last over four days.

During the Presidential, Parliamentary elections in February 2016, UCC ordered the clampdown of the social media channels which include Facebook, WhatsApp and twitter  as well as the Mobile financial services which was a violation the people’s rights.

Unwanted Witness, a local internet rights activism organizations through their lawyers of Rwakafuzi and Company advocates complained about UCC’s actions to the High Court to seek justice to the citizens of Uganda for violating their right of speech and expression.

“This act threatened the lives of many people, many business entrepreneurs whose businesses work through social media and mobile money services users were threatened that’s why we want compensation for that,” said Wokulira Ssebagala Geoffrey, the organization’s chief executive officer, said.

Wokulira added that many people depending on these platforms to earn a living incurred a lot of losses due to the UCC’s actions.

The date for this hearing is set on 22 may 2017 by Justice Basaza Wasswa at the High Court in Kampala.