March 29th 2018, Uganda –  Uber today has announced the launch of its latest product, uberBODA, providing the citizens of Kampala a quick commute from one place to another on a Boda-Boda motorcycle by using the Uber technology.

Commenting on the launch, Aaron Tindiseega, Country Manager for Uber in Uganda: “Boda-Boda motorcycles are ubiquitous in the city of Kampala, and we are determined to launch and tailor new services like uberBODA to meet the needs of the local market. We have been engaging with the relevant regulators and we are proud to be launching a product that is fully compliant with Ugandan laws and we look forward to working with the government to further formalise the Boda-Boda industry. uberBODA will also support our commitment to provide a safe, reliable, and affordable transportation service for passengers, while also continuing to create economic opportunities for drivers using our app.”

With Uber’s technology, it is possible to focus on safety for passengers and drivers before, during, and after every trip and the uberBODA product will follow the same strict safety measures applied to all Uber products.

Tindiseega adds, “With uberBODA, we guarantee the same seamless door to door Uber experience passengers are used to with Uber, but on the back of a Boda-Boda—an easy affordable option tailored to move through the traffic on short trips around town.” Passengers will still be able to see all driver-partners details, such as their name, photo, and license plate number. Passengers can also see whether others have had a good experience with the uberBODA driver and will be able to contact each other via the app if there is any confusion around pick-up details.

To ensure enhanced safety Uber follows all transport requirements. All uberBODA driver-partners will be screened through a strict background check process and will be required to have all relevant permits  and receive training which will include road safety tips. For each trip, Uber will provide drivers with a helmet and jacket and all drivers will have an extra helmet for passengers to use. Passengers and drivers are urged to keep their gear on at all times during their trip. Uber will also use telematics technology in its app to monitor driving behaviour of uberBODA driver-partners and encourage them to exercise caution as they drive with UberBODA. To enhance passenger safety, Uber has partnered with UAP Old Mutual to provide insurance cover for all passengers for each trip they take on uberBODA.

The name Boda Boda is entrenched in East African culture and originated in the late 1980’s from passengers in Kenya’s Busia border who used motorcycles  as a cheap option to ferry goods in an out of the Kenyan and Ugandan border. uberBODA is priced with a base fare of UGS 500, UGS 450 per KM, UGS 70 per Min, a minimum fare of UGS 1,500 and cancellation fee of 1,500.

Tindiseega concludes, “We have spent time researching the market and listening to the public’s requests for more options to support both passengers and driver-partners and we’re thrilled to introduce a product that resonates with the people of Uganda which provides another easy and affordable option for short trips around town while creating tens of thousands of flexible work opportunities for Boda-Boda motorcycle owners.”

uberBODA is only available in St Balikuddembe market, Qualicel Bus Terminal, New and Old Taxi Park, Nakasero Market, Kikuubo Lane, Shawuli yajo market, Kampala Mukadde, Nakawa Market, Makerere University, KIU – Kasanga and Kabaka Anjagala road with an aim to expand soon.The introduction of new products is common for Uber, which offers a variety of products for passengers and driver-partners around the world. In neighbouring Kenya, Uber has options such as uberCHAPCHAP, uberX and UberSELECT, while in Tanzania there is uberX and recently launched uberPOA. In other parts of the world, Uber has other products such as uberMOTO, UberXL, UberBLACK, UberCHOPPER, UberASSIST, UberEXEC and UberPool.

PRO TIP: If you can’t connect with your uberBODA at first, don’t worry! Availability may be limited while we continue to scale. Just refresh your Uber app after a few minutes to request a ride – you’ll be on your way in no time.