By Watchdog reporter

Uganda Broadcasting Corporation publicist Rafsanjan Abbey Tatya spared sometime from his busy schedule at the rebranding national broadcaster to participate in the noble tourism drive, Tulambule.

Tulambule, in its second month, this time round headed to Busoga, which happens to Rafsanjan’s ‘home ground’.

It is here he met someone special. Former Miss Tourism Busoga, Enid Mirembe, and the lady who initiated the famous #RolexFestivalwhich was boosted by State Tourism Minister Kiwanda Godfrey.

Rafsanjan who friends say he was searching for a soupy brown girl, seems to have been melted by Enid’s beauty and enterprising spirit.

Since Mirembe was little known despite the fame of her #RolexFestival, Raf wowed her with his marketing and advertising skills.

You should recall UBC is a hard television to sell to viewers but Raf is indeed trying, so, he would not labour much branding Enid Mirembe in the coming months to be as famous Rolex.

The two who were spotted hiding behind stones, participated in Tulambule activities which included visiting the source of the Nile, Kagulu Hill, Bugembe Palace among other things.

Raf who boosted eating lots of eggs or ovaries, depending on the translation, had this to say after he “kulambulad with Enid”:

 BEAUTY AND THE BEAST: Outgoing Miss Tourism Busoga, Ms Enid Mirembe – the girl behind the #RolexFestival meets the Raf guy who eats a lot of “chapati y’amagi” during #Tulambule in Buyende district. Big rocks; we rock #BuyUganda

Welcome back Raf. Kati we expect you to be refreshed to rebrand UBC even better.