By Najibu Mulema

This is December and probably you know meaningful the holy month is especially to the ‘Basama’, it’s a month of lavish parties, showing off, spoiling some cash, cruising monster rides…… the list is endless.

In this last month of the year, most Ugandans in the diaspora who have made it big, fly in the country to have a glance at their loved ones as well enjoy the festive season with friends and families whereas to some it becomes a showbiz session most especially to Ugandans based in South Africa; The moment they land on Entebbe Airport they start showing how heavy their wallets weigh.

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And this is not far from what am talking about; the self proclaimed rich Ugandans based in South Africa under their group dubbed Rich Gang have organized a lavish party themed ‘Made of Money’ season iii which shall take place at Club Guvnor on 21 December, 2016.

The Rich Gang include socialite Zari’s ex husband Ivan Semwanga, King Lawrence and Eddie Cheune.

This kind of party is not new to us, since 2014, Semwanga and his fellow showbiz kings have been staging such parties, even last year, the group got a disappoint of life when they staged such party at Club Govnor and by the end of it all they failed to pay a debt of shs 5 million they had spent on an open bar.

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But this time round, Rich Gang has promised to throw a massive party with no constraints vowing to spoil revelers with booze since its going to be an open bar.