By Najibu Mulema

Longtime enemies Judith Heard and Sylvia Owori have reunited after a long time of being at loggerheads.

The two former colleagues reunited early this week and appeared to be happy in each others’ company.

The fashion icons met during SK. Mbuga and Vivian Birungi’s stag party at Club Guvnor.

According to Owori, they were brought together by SK Mbuga’s wedding which is happening this weekend. The

two had been hired as stylists for the soon-to-be wed couple, and therefore had to do everything possible to cooperate or even forge a new friendship to make the deal work.

“We have reunited in the names of SK Mbuga and Vivian Birungi wedding,” Owori said.

Judith Heard, nonetheless, expressed excitement that she can finally work again with her former mentor. “I am glad

we are finally reunited,” she said.

Their beef had been marked by a lot of name-calling, and came close to getting physical when Sylvia Owori insulted

Judith Heard saying she had had “Test tube babies”